Depths of Chaos

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Depths of Chaos, is a free online role playing environment that allows players to interact with a virtual world, created entirely in text.

Depths of Chaos, or DoC for short, was created in part, as an alternative offered to the serious role player who enjoys the mechanics of hack and slash MUDS but seeks also, the freedom and creative storytelling that MUSH's provide.  Our target players adore roleplay games but find waiting around for roleplay to present itself can be tedious at best.  Depths of Chaos strives to give you more to do than waiting for 'Tavern RP'.   While based heavily in the mechanics of D&D, Depths of Chaos is an all original world, with no stock areas, and some intricately planned unique features.

Players who find themselves in this engaging and ever expanding world, will quickly be able to delve into a multitude of crafting professions, guild quests, skill based challenges, team dungeon runs, live events and role-play situations to provide countless hours of game play.

DoC features automated combat, experience rewarded roleplay systems, extended emoting, an authentic and original classless/levelless experience advancement system, allowing for advanced character customization in regards to skills and spells.


Welcome to Depths of Chaos... Let us begin by setting the stage. The Kingdom of Delmar is locked deep in civil war. The borders have been closed and residents both human and otherwise have been stranded within the human borders. Enter the Queen... Bright, vibrant, destructive. Her liberal new policies bring life and hope to the oppressed, while cruelly striking down the very heart of Delmar traditions. It is up to the rebellious True Sons of Delmar to restore their Kingdom to it's once former glory, but nothing comes without a price. Caught in the fray, the citizens are torn between sides. Women cling to their new found freedoms granted by the Queen while the honor bound Men of the Old Ways plea for the True Sons to take back what has been lost. This is where you come in. Join either side of this bloody war, the Delmar Militia whom protect and serve, or the Traitorous True Sons who would die before giving up their rights to an unmarried Queen. Or do you prefer a more subtle role with the underbellies finest Cabal Thugs? Or perchance are you drawn to the lure of luxury and wealth and seek nobility and the power it brings? Whatever you decide, the fate of Delmar rests in your hands.